The Short Story



My name is Christian Schlueter. I have a MSc. in Distributed Systems and am working as Software Developer in Calgary, AB, Canada.

During my studies of Business Computing (German Diploma (Dipl. Wirt.-Inf. (FH)) and Distributed Systems (MSc.) I focused a lot on Software Development and Software Project Management. I went abroad for exchange semesters to Namibia and to Canada – where I am now happily stuck as Software Developer.

My job and free-time projects keep me digitally busy. In the analog world I enjoy the outdoors, climbing and exploring new cultures and countries. I speak German and English.

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In a nutshell


I enjoy defining software architecture and designing user workflows with corresponding user interfaces, mostly because I like consistency and a clear big picture.

I'm good at Java, Spring and SpringBoot, PHP, Laravel, Apache, Eclipse, SVN, Git, Javascript, JQuery, Angular, CSS, AWS, MySQL, Redis, Windows, and Linux.

I have some skills with MongoDB, Bash, the Zend Framework, Social Media, and Photoshop.

I'm not an Apple fanboy but enjoy working with them.


I like all things Agile and a well-defined development process. Continuous Integration and Automation FTW.

I'm a teamplayer who enjoys Pair Programming and Chalk Talks. In-Person collaboration and direct customer feedback / interaction are awesome.

Colleagues smile at me when I show up with paper prototypes for a new UI, but so far they always worked well.

New skills in 2017

This year I deepened my AWS skills, especially around deploying into the cloud. I work on projects using Angular and the Laravel Framework.

In May I also became a Certified Scrum Master (PSM1).

I'm looking for

  • Volunteering (social, educational, or start up-related) - I'll be at Feeding the 5000 Calgary.
  • Open Source projects to contribute to
  • IT-related meetups and talks in Calgary
  • Learning about your cool tech project.

Digital Free Time

I work on some side projects in which I am responsible for some project and product management tasks as well as the entire software development cycle.

And I enjoy learning about cool tech projects and digial art until I have an idea myself.

Offline Free Time

You can find me outdoors: Hiking, scrambling and backpacking in the beautiful Canadian Rockies (Skiing in winter).

Favorites: Lake McArthur, Tent Ridge, Kindersley/Sinclair Col (Hiking); Bow Peak, Eiffel Peak, Mount Edith (Scrambling); Berg Lake Trail (Backpacking); Murtle Lake (Backcountry Canoeing).

I also enjoy climbing and so far I'm successful with my life goal of travelling to at least one new country each year (since 2004).

Awards and Certifications

I received an award by my university for the best thesis of the year.

Since May 2017 I am a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM1).

I also earned a few badges in Quiklabs (an AWS training tool) and completed the Avalanche Safety Course (AST1).

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